Re-imagining your
personal mobility.

Reinvented the wheel.

We all have enough worries to carry throughout the day. 

Don’t carry them all by yourself. 

Save your energy by using Updog. 

Our innovative wheel design can conquer any obstacles.

Simple complexity.

Our strong motors, innovative design and high quality materials give you the best user experience. 

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Our different models are tailored to your needs.​

Configure your individual Updog. Add shelves or one of our stylish bags that are tailored to your taste. We provide versions that are able to carry weights up to 45 kg. You decide which one fits your habits the best. 


Made of aluminum and high quality PVC, this model is the perfect allrounder. Weights up to 25kg.


Its shiny alloys and elegant maple panels make it irresistible to any modern person. Weights up to 35kg.


Using the sturdiest materials make this monster the stronger than anyone. Weights up to 45kg.

Our Partners

This is us: Team Updog


Michael studies Computational Science and is our chief game break officer.


Tobias studies Engineering Science and is our makerspace mastermind and creator.


Tobias studies Automotive Engineering Technology and is our sketch and CAD expert.


Yiyun studies Management and Technology and can do basically everything.


Mert studies Management and Technology and is our business badass.