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The app musichron structures your
practise session to optimise your time.

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  • Get an individualised learning plan and play as many songs as you want.

How it works behind the scenes

1. Division

Scan the song you want to play.
musichron divides the song into parts.
Play each part individually.

2. Evaluation

musichron analyses your performance in each individual part.
The part is categorised on your performance.
The sections that need more practice are repeated more often.

3. Use of collected data

musichron remembers which parts are more difficult for you to play.
In that way, musichron can anticipate what parts in other songs will be more difficult and rate them with a higher practise priority.

Pimp your piano with LED lights

LED-lights as add-on for every piano

Shows you which keys to play

Connects seamlessly to the app

Makes practise more fun

About us

We are Johannes, Paul, Stefan, Sven und Isabelle.
We’re students at the Technical University Munich and participants at Think.Make.Start.

Our goal is to develop a product that supports people when learning an instrument. We would love to hear some feedback from you.

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