Reach your fitness goals with our our Smart Sensors and Digital Personal Trainer

Real time exercise correction

Our Smart sensors detects your exact movements and so that our smart personal Trainer can correct you in real time

Motivation when needed

Our Smart Sensors detect when you are struggling to finish the exercise so that our smart personal trainer can motivate you in the right time

Automated Perfomance Tracking​

We automatically track your repetitions and overall performance and keep you informed during the exercise

Smart Sensors

Our Smart Sensors are comfortable, precise and easy to attach

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We’ve worked nonstop to offer you the best possible smart workout solution. Now, all you need to do is press ‘Play’.

Your Benefits

Improved Performance

Injury Prevention

Energy Increase

Increased Muscle Gain

Efficient Time Usage

Better Life Quality

Wireless Charging Box

You can take the wireless charging box anywhere with you and charge the sensors in less than 1 hour

More Features

Calory Counting

Maximize your progress by having a perfect overview of your calories burned

BPM Measuring

Our Smart Sensors also measure your heartrate during your exercises

Personalized Workouts

Our sophisticated algorithms create a perfectly fitting and adjusting workout plan

Automated Resting

Our AI detect when it

Smart Sensors

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Our Team

Management & Technology background with experience in Venture Development

Spyridon Dangas

Software Engineering and Date Science background as well as Management experience

Deniz Daum

Mechanical Engineering background with specialization in Product Design

Manuel Lopera

Mechatronics and Robotics background with experience in product development

Bruno Feitosa

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